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Spring Term 2016


In literacy we are looking at various situations and settings to assist in developing our descriptive and figurative language.


In IPC our topic is 'Space Explorers'.  As our Entry Point Year 5 and 6 were challenged to create a rocket that would deliver supplies from Earth to the International Space Station.  Everyone worked hard and showed good teamwork.

But a team triumphed with this challenge, Well done Kasey Donskoy (Year 6), Harvey Chapman (Year 5). Summer Bolton (Year 5) and Tilly Welch (Year 5).  Their rocket propelled the whole distance getting a vital load to the station.

We will explore the famous scientists who have made great contributions to astronomy.  We will be looking at Ptolemy who proposed that the planets rotated around the Earth in fixed orbits.  Capernicus further developed the theory to correctly propose that the planets orbit the Sun not the Earth, and Galilelo who develop the telescope proving these theories visually.



In numeracy we will further develop our mathematical skills by applying place values to everyday situations, concentrating on the Column method for adding and subtracting.

Class Book

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K.Rowling

On the 29th of February we will be having an "Alice in Wonderland" theme week, this will be developed to challenge our literacy and methamatical skills, and also cross-curriculum activites in baking, art and music.

Alice in Wonderland Week

To celebrate the anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland by Carroll, Year 5 looked at parodies in Literacy, ratios in Numeracy and baked fairy cakes keeping to the theme of the 'Queen of Heart's".  In addition year 5 also re-designed the front cover of the novel, experimenting with mixing watercolours.

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