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Summer Term

Maths trip to Doncaster Racecourse

On Friday 28th April 2017, year 5 set off to Doncaster Racecourse for a maths infused day. We had the most extraordinary and exciting day involving a background tour of the racing scene as well as watching two live races.

Throughout the day, we worked on a variety of maths problems in real-life situations, bringing the learning from the classroom into context.

It was fabulous!

Out of Africa Entry Point

Within Bramblebank Woods, Year 5 discovered the remains of a dinosaur so became fossil hunters for the afternoon.

We managed to uncover all the fossils and piece together this prehistoric monster, discussing how it moved, what it ate and what sort of environment it must have lived in.


Our class caterpillars decided to become butterflies over half term. Luckily Harry and Charlie were able to pop over to help release them this morning. All 5 of the chrysalis' successfully produced these beautiful creatures. We all enjoyed learning about the lifecycles of these animals and watching our tadpoles become happy little frogs which we released into our allotment pond.


Science experiment - How bacteria is spread

We created a fair test to look at the spread of bacteria on our hands. 4 children were chosen to place their unwashed hand on a slice of bread. They then washed their hand in only water and placed it on the bread. They then washed their hand in anti-bacterial or a bar of soap and placed their hand on a slice of bread. Here are the results...ergh!

TOPIC: Out of Africa

This half term our IPC topic is called Out of Africa.

The Big Idea

First there was the big bang! Then life began on Earth 3.8 billion years ago. But when did humans arrive and where did we come from? If we can find out the answer to these questions perhaps we can figure out where we are heading in the future…

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • How life began in the sea then came out of the sea
  • How fossils provide information about living things from the past
  • Why the dinosaurs died out
  • About the classification of plants and animals
  • How plants and animals reproduce
  • How living things evolve and change over time
  • How plants and animals are adapted to their environment
  • How adaptation leads to evolution
  • Whether there is life on other planets

In Technology we’ll be finding out:

  • What foods early humans ate, grew and cooked
  • About prehistoric food and cooking techniques

In International, we’ll be finding out:

  • How superbugs evolve and spread around the world
  • Why we should prevent species extinction

Maths Measures Morning

This morning, Thursday 18th May, year 5 took part in a maths measures morning which involved all forms of maths such as measuring angless, weighing and estimating weights of various items as well as creating a fruit cocktail drink made of various quantities of different fruit juices, all measured accurately using appropriate equipment...It was rather tastey!

Linking capacity in maths to Harry Potter potion making


In RE we have bee learning about the Hajj Pilgrimage

Year 5 RE

We have been learning about what a pilgrimage is and what it represents. After a Hajj pilgrimage, many people decorate the outside of their homes in celebration.

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