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Welcome to Year 6

Our teachers are: Miss Tyson and Mrs Tate

Our TA is: Mrs Bottamley 

P.E is on: Wednesday

Homework: set on Friday, handed in on Wednesday. Daily reading, spelling and times tables.

Our School Councillors are: 
Riley and Isobel

Congratulations to our House Captains:

Red - Lacey and Warren
Purple - Lucy and Markus
Green - Maddison and Ethan
Blue - Emily and Mason

This year in Y6 we are learning:

Autumn Term‚Äč
English - Goodnight Mr Tom, Who was Isaac Newton? extracts from James and the Giant Peach and Matilda
Maths - written methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals and fractions; problem solving involving time; drawing and interpreting graphs and charts and co-ordinates
Science - Forces, the work of Sir Isaac Newton, light

Geography - mapping skills, contintents, climate, time zones, tourism
History - WW1, the suffragette movement 
R.E - festivals of light, justice and freedom

Music - music from around the world
Art - drawing skills
D.T - designing an advertising campaign

I.T - e safety

Spring Term
English - Ice Trap/Shackleton's Journey, Alice in Wonderland and The Explorer
Maths - algebra, problem solving, geometry and fractions, decimals & percentages
Science - planning and recording investigations
History - famous explorers, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Maya

Geography - geographical features, comparing continents
R.E - living a faith

Music - rhytmn, musical notation
Art - 3D sculpture, architecture
I.T - scratch, spreadsheets

Summer Term
English - Beetle Boy, The Kast Wild, Who was Charles Darwin?
Maths - problem solving, statistics, measurement, algebra, ratio
Science - evolution, the work of Charles Darwin, the human body, healthy lifestyles
Geography - mapping skills

Art - drawing and painting skills 
Music - composition
D.T - a healthy diet
R.E - hopes and visions




Please keep looking at our termly pages to find out about our topics and what we have been learning.

In July, on 'moving up' day, we talked about what makes a good classroom. In small groups we made a list of ingredients and wrote a recipe for the perfect classroom.

Star of the Week:

Lacey: an enthusiastic and motivated learner, always putting her hand up and giving 100% effort.

Layton: excellent descriptive writing in a range of contexts.

Mason: always listening carefully and taking in feedback, always striving to improve his maths and English skills.

Finley S: a brilliant start to Y6, giving 100% effort in all he does.

Kian: a super piece of writing showing great empathy.

Mitchell R: super science work, planning and carrying out an investigation.

Lucy: brilliant work, giving 100% effort in everything, including her homework.

Ethan: wonderful homework linked to wind power.

Isobel: fabulous homework every week to a high standard.




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