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Autumn Term 2017

Merry Christmas!
On Monday, along with the children from nursery, we took part in an Advent Spiral. Whilst listening to music, we took it in turns to follow the spiral to Mrs Wilson, who lit our candles. We carefully carried them back to our place and looked at the flame and the halo of light that surrounded the candle. We thought about the birth of Jesus and what Christmas means to us.
Afterwards, we reflected on our experience. "I felt very calm and peacesful."

"It made me think about my Grandad who died."
"The flame from the candle flickered and danced. The colours changed from yellow to orange to a kind of blue-edged white."
"I love the Advent Spiral - it signals the start of Christmas and all the preparations."

Santa Races

World War Two

This week we have begun researching World War 2. We began by looking at why the war started and which countries were involved. 
On Monday, whilst we were finding out about the war, the air raid siren sounded and we needed to go to the nearest air raid shelter (the hall). Here, we found out how people entertained themselves in the shelters and thought about which items we would take with us.

During the war, you needed to carry a gas mask at all times. Miss Tyson set us the challenge of making a box to keep our gas masks in. We needed to draw the net of a cuboid, measuring the sides carefully, before gluing the tabs together - this was the tricky part!
After that we began learning about the evacuation of Dunkirk. We imagined we were one of the soldiers waiting on the beach and wrote letters home. Next week we are going to be newspaper reporters and write a report about Operation Dynamo.

Making gas mask boxes

World Food Day

Yesterday we were given a box full of things to investigate. We had a flag, ingredients for onion bhajis and clues about an artist from the country. We discovered that our country was India. We had a great day researching the country, dressing up and cooking.

Last week years five and six attended the power reads launch at the LDC. We got to meet the authors of two brand new books which we will be studying this year. Keep an eye on our page to hear all about it!

Our new IPC topic is 'Making New Materials'

We are surrounded by amazing materials that can be shaped, combined, condensed, frozen, melted and burned. In this unit, we are going to experiment with different kinds ofmaterials, and become cooks, chemists and creators of new materials.

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

• About the chemistry of cooking

• What happens when we dissolve or melt things

• About gases and what they are

• About different materials used in the kitchen

• About conductors and insulators

• About magnetic materials and their uses

• How to separate mixtures by sieving, filtering and evaporating

In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

• How to make our own clay

• How glass is made

• How to create a brand new material

In Art, we’ll be finding out:

• How artists use different materials in their work

• How to choose materials to express an idea

In International, we’ll be finding out:

• How different countries work together to invent new materials

In maths we have been reading, writing, partitioning and comparing 6 and 7-digit numbers.

Bike Challenge!

As we had seen the Tour of Britain we decided to set the children a team challenge. In groups they had to design and make their own bike to fit a toy doll. The bike had to have two wheels but could have any kind of frame. The children had access to a range of materials including wooden and cardboard wheels and tools such as saws and drills.

Every group successfully made a bike by the deadline.

On Thursday 9th November, Kate and Ben from Labrascals visited school to teach us about polymers. A polymer is a chain of molecules. We used sodium alginate and calcium chloride to create our own chains. After that, they showed us how to make slime using PVA glue, water and borax.

Visit London!
We have researched the many places to visit in London, in the hopes we might see some of them in the summer.
After looking at different travel brochures and leaflets, we have written our own leaflets advertising London.

We have been busy organising a range of fundraising events to try and raise enough money to travel to London in the summer. Before half term, Y6 baked some muffins and sold them at break time, raising £16.30. 
This week, Y6 set up a number of halloween themed stalls such as the 'trick or treat?' game, biscuit decorating, name the teddy and guess the weight of the pumpkin. Y5 also baked choc chip muffins to sell. We raised £57.60. More fund raising is planned for later in the term. Watch this space!


As part of our science topic we investigated what would happen when we mixed solids with water. We set up a fair test as a class and observed what happened to sand, flour, sugar, salt and hot chocolate. We learned what a solution is and thought carefully about the types of changes which had taken place.

Science: Changes in Materials

As part of our topic we have been learning about chemical and physical changes. On Monday we had a Science day where we baked cakes from a scientists point of view. We wrote recipes that explained whether reversible or irreversible changes had happened, if solutions were made and how baking powder actually works. In Maths we learned about converting measures and reading scales. On Tuesday we sold our cakes to help raise money to our London trip later in the year. Thank you to everyone who bought one.

Year Six Cafe

This week we held our very first cafe as year six in aid of Macmillan. We spent the morning decorating cakes with our own unique designs. We were very grateful for all of the cakes donated by the community- thank you!

We were overwhelmed with the amount of parents and children who attended, it was the busiest cafe we have ever seen.

Thank you for your generous donations, we raised an amazing £93.70.

Roald Dahl Week
This week we have been reading Matilda by Roald Dahl. First, we looked at the relationship between Matilda and her parents, thinking about how they treated her. We wrote an additional chapter where Mr Wormwood was unkind to Matilda and she plotted her revenge.

Next, we looked at the character of Miss Trunchbull and how she treated the pupils at her school. This led to a great deal of discussion, including the rights of a child.

Tour of Britain

What a start to the new year! We spent Tuesday 5th September enjoying a range of activities linked to the third stage of the Tour of Britain cycle race which passed our school.
To start the day off, we had our own cycle race around school. Congratulations to Mia and Freddie who won their heats. Next, we made banners to support the different cycling teams before standing outside school and cheering the cyclists on. After lunch we got to wwatch them again as they crossed the bridge, before some of us cycled to Cental Park with Mrs Tate to see the finish. It was an amazing experience.

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