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Autumn Term 2018

Welcome back!

Our topic for the first half term is 'The Holiday Show'. We will be learning:
* The location of different countries and continents, their geographical and physical features and what they have to offer as a tourist destination
*  About the new Keadby Local History Trail 
* How maps can give us tourist information
* About tourism and its impact on regions, countries and cultures
* How we can create an eco-friendly, sustainable holiday resort
* About the history of Keadby
* How to evaluate materials used to market holidays
* How to create our own marketing materials to sell a holiday or tourist attraction
* About music from different coutries around the world
* How to create an app to help tourists visiting new places
* How to stay safe online
* How to use charcoal to create a city-scape
* How to develop our drawing techniques
* About the life and work of artists from around the world
* Freedom and Justice

In addition to this, to mark the centenary of Universal Suffrage in the UK, we will be learning about the suffragettes.

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