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Spring Term 2016

This term our topic will be Space Explorers, we will be learning about:

The size of the planets and their distance from the Sun

The movements of the Earth, Sun and Moon and how they affect us

Classifying rocks and comparing rocks on Earth with those on the Moon

Finding out about how craters are formed and the forces that are involved

How light travels

What people in the past used to think about the Earth, Sun and Moon

Nebulae and how we can capture their shape, colour and patterns in art



This week we have been learning about place value in maths. We worked in our Kagan teams to read, write, order and compare 7-digit numbers. Then we revised rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10/100/1000/10000 and decimals numbers to 1 and 2 decimal points.

Space Explorers Entry Point

Tim Peake sent us our first mission! We had to design our own rocket that could launch in to space carrying the sweets he had forgotten to take with him. We had to work in groups with year 5 to complete the mission in one hour.

We showed excellent co-operation and independent skills as well as using our scientific knowledge.

Unfortunately not all our rockets could move on their own but we had a great time and know how we could improve in the future.

Planetarium Visit

On Thursday 21st January we had a planetarium set up in the hall. When we went inside images were projected on to the dome, it was just like we were travelling through the solar system. We learnt all about the planets and the stars.

During the afternoon we worked in groups to make our own models of the solar system.

"I liked making the model but my favourite was the planetarium because it taught us a lot about space" Dylan

"I learnt how old the sun was and I enjoyed it when it went dark in the dome" Mo

"I have learnt about temperatures of planets and have enjoyed making my solar system and working as a team" Millie


This week in maths we have been investigating 2D shapes. We had great fun first using string and our fingers to make the shapes Miss Tyson was describing, then elastic and our legs to make large shapes. It required good communication and team work skills, as well as our knowledge of shapes. Can you identify the shapes in the photographs below?

This week for homework we imagined we worked for the Inter Planetary Tourist Board and had to try to persuade people to visit a different planet for their holidays. Some of us designed colourful leaflets and posters; Lewis and Ashlee made power point presentations; Keira made a radio jingle, Kasey wrote a playscript for a television advert and Jake made an animation. Below are some examples.

This week we have been learning about the moon landings in 1966. We imagined we were journalists and reporting the exciting news.


This term in literacy we will be reading 'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson. In maths we will be learning about 2D & 3D shape; statistics; long division; long multiplication; dividing fractions and problem solving.

Maths Day

We spent Wednesday 6th January learning about how we earn and spend our pocket money; how people with different jobs earn different salaries; what a pay slip looks like and how adults have different bills to pay. We discovered the average pocket money in our class was £5.85 per week. 
Next Miss Tyson allocated each group a different job. We had to work out how much of our salary we had left each month after paying bills such as rent and electricity. We discovered it isn't easy managing your money! If you do not have enough money to buy things, you could take out a loan. We learnt all about credit cards, loans and interest rates. It was really interesting and we are now thinking carefully about which career we would like to have.

Lifecycle of a Star

For our homework project we had to research the lifecycle of a star. We had to make an informative and interactive presentation. Mrs Noble thought we had all worked hard and learnt a lot. Here is Emily's she went for gold!


Cosmic Classroom Event

As part of our IPC Space Explorers topic we took part in the TES Cosmic Classroom event. We sent questions to the TES along with thousands of schools around the world for Tim Peake to answer.

We really enjoyed watching Tim in space especially when he showed us what he could do with water.

To watch this again click here:  https://www.tes.com/cosmicclassroom/index.html

This week we have been writing suspense stories, using a range of descriptive language and adverbials. Below are a selection of our stories so far.

This week we have been reading the story of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. We went on to write portal stories called, 'The Further Adventures of Alice'. On Friday we shared our stories with Y3 and Y4. 

On World Book Day we came to school dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland and enjoyed a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' in the hall, after spending the morning baking jam tarts.

In Numeracy we have beed sorting numbers using carroll diagrams (invented by Lewis Carroll) and revising fractions.

In art, we drew and painted the Cheshire Cat in our Kagan groups. We looked carefully at the shape of our mouths and different expressions, before drawing our smiling mouths to make a 'smile tree'.

This term in art we have been learning about colour mixing and different painting techniques. We all painted images around the theme of 'New Life' as part of a whole school competition. Below are some of our paintings. Watch this space to find out the results.

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