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Spring Term 2020

World Book Day

This year, we have focused on Lewis Carroll's classic tale Alice in Wonderland. In English, we have written our own versions of the story, set in space. In art, we designed our own hats. We came to school dressed as characters from the story and enjoyed a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' on the playground and field, where we also shared some of our favourite books with friends.

On Shrove Tuesday, the Y6 Pancake Cafe was launched. We worked as a team, with the help of Mrs Bottamley and Miss Thomas, to make enough pancakes for the whole school. After deducting the cost of the ingrediants, we raised £25 to go towards our trip to London later this year.

In RE we have been learning about different faiths. This week we had a focus on Judaism. In teams we researched different key festivals and places of worship.

Welcome back!
We have a busy term ahead of us: Harry Potter and World Book Day, a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester as part of our space topic, various sporting competitions, Chinese New Year, the Speech and Drama Festival and Easter.

In science we will be learning about:
* how we see
* how light travels

* reflecting light
* refraction
* the colour spectrum
* shadows

* the movement of Earth and other planets, relative to the sun in the solar system
* the movement of the moon relative to the Earth
* the Earth's rotation

In DT we will be learning about:
* how to prepare traditional Chinese dishes
* how to make a buzzer game
* how to make a rocket and moon buggy

In IT we will be learning about:
* how to program a moon buggy / rocket to perform a sequence of movements
* controlling different light sequences
* how to create an animation

In art we will be learning about:
* the impressionists and their use of light
* painting techniques
* zentangle patterns
* different printing techniques
* the work of Edward Hooper
* how hats are designed and styles have changed over time

In RE we will be learning about:
* Sikh and Muslim naming ceremonies
* Christian baptism ceremonies
* Rites of passage
* Hindu and Christian wedding ceremonies

In PSHE we will be learning about:
* budgets and fundraising
* relationships
* how we change as we get older / puberty


After exploring Zentangle patterns, we looked at the work of William Morris. He was a Victorian poet, artist and manufacturer. He is best know for his wallpaper designs and stained glass windows. To manufacture his wallpaper, he used a block printing technique. This inspired us to design our own pattern and have a go at lino printing. Etching into the lino was quite tricky but we persevered and below are some of the results.

First Aid Training

This week we have been learning basic first aid skills. We now know how to treat burns and cuts and what to do if someone is choking. Also, we learnt how to do CPR.

Miss Tyson challenged us to work as a team to make a buzzer game. We needed to use our knowledge of nets to make a cube and our knowledge of circuits. 

In English we have been analysing different play scripts. We spent some time with a partner practising using different voices for characters. Next week we will be writing our own playscripts and making shadow puppets.

This week in maths Miss Tyson gave each group a budget of £100 to spend on stationery supplies for the class. First we needed to make a list of items we thought we would need. Then we used copies of the school stationery catalogues to find prices of each item. We discovered £100 was not enough!

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