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Summer Term

Welcome back!

We have a busy term ahead of us with SATs, a trip to the Lincolnshire Show, camping, a summer production and transition to our new secondary schools. 
At the moment we are busy revising ready for the tests in May - it is amazing how much we have learnt in the past two terms! Below are some useful websites:

Maths 1

BBC Bitesize Maths


BBC Bitesize English

Mrs Tate's special SATs breakfast!

3D shape

This week in maths we are learning about 3D shape. After exploring nets of 3D shapes using the polygon, we drew our own nets and made 3D shapes out of card. Next, we used straws and plasticine to create 3D models, making sure all the edges were the correct length.

Cleethorpes post SATs Trip

In music we have been learning about formal notation. Music is written on a stave, which is made up of 5 lines. The notes are A, B, C, D, E, F and G. We used our maths skills to write algebraic formulae to record the value of different notes. 2q=c (2 quaver to a crotchet beat), 2s=q (2 semi-quavers to a quaver) and 4s=c (4 semi-quavers to a crotchet).

We recorded our own compositions and then performed them in groups.

Sports Day

All of the hard work and training has paid off - we were magnificent today! 
We started off with the triple jump - Kai was amazing, closely followed by Cyrus, Rhys, Nicole, Lillian, Maegen and Tiarni. Next, the long jump. Well done to Naomi - you see you CAN do it! Brandon was fab - if he had taken off on the board and not 30cm before it he would have been in the top 4!!
After that came the discus, javelin and throw/clap challenge. Once again, everyone performed well and Elainna managed to miss Mrs Lovatt and Mr Wren when throwing the javelin and discus. By lunch time, Nicole and Cyrus were in the lead - but only just. 
This afternoon started with the 600m which quite a few of us had been a little worried about, however we all managed to keep going and run all 3 laps. A big well done!
Next were the skipping, sprint and bean bag races. Who would be the overall boy's winner: Rhys or Cyrus? It was down to the last race (the sprint) and Cyrus managed to beat Rhys by 1 point. 
Congratulations to our overall champions: Nicole and Cyrus.

Y6 camp July 2017

Y6 last day

Day 2 of throwing and catching.

Adam and Gabby returned today (5th May) to reassess our throwing and catching skills. We had been practising hard and were all able to achieve a higher level during the assessment. 
The fun challenges they demonstrated will help us develop our fielding skills when we play cricket and rounders over the summer; they will also help with our passing and shooting skills at netball.

Out of Africa!

This half term our IPC topic is called Out of Africa.

The Big Idea

First there was the big bang! Then life began on Earth 3.8 billion years ago. But when did humans arrive and where did we come from? If we can find out the answer to these questions perhaps we can figure out where we are heading in the future…

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • How life began in the sea then came out of the sea
  • How fossils provide information about living things from the past
  • Why the dinosaurs died out
  • About the classification of plants and animals
  • How plants and animals reproduce
  • How living things evolve and change over time
  • How plants and animals are adapted to their environment
  • How adaptation leads to evolution
  • Whether there is life on other planets

In Technology we’ll be finding out:

  • What foods early humans ate, grew and cooked
  • About prehistoric food and cooking techniques

In International, we’ll be finding out:

  • How superbugs evolve and spread around the world
  • Why we should prevent species extinction


Entry Point
We imagined we were paleontologists discovering dinosaur bones. After locating the bones, we needed to work together to try and work out what the dinosaur looked like. This led to much discussion about where it lived, what it ate and whether it had feathers.

The Lincolnshire Show

Yesterday (21st June) Y6 went to the Lincolnshire Show. We all had an amazing day. Some of us went to the sport zone where we took part in rugby throwing and tackling. Others focused more on the animals. Melina enjoyed looking at the Golden Retriever, whilst Tilly preferred the Galapagos tortoises. 
Ronnie, Rhys, Kai, Michaela, Daniel, Anneliese, Thomas and Maisie had a whizzing time on the helter skelter slide. Meanwhile, Lillymae had fun on the carousel.
Harvey's group took paart in some yummy food tasting. His favourite was the charcoal cheese. 
Anneliese, Maisie, Lillymae, Michaela, Rhys, Kai, Morgan and Daniel scaled new heights on the climbing wall. "It was quite scary looking down," exlplained Morgan.

In an English Country Garden

We have had great fun making our float for the Summer Fair. Our homework was to design a float. Elainna's design was finally chosen and we set about making flowers, flowers and more flowers! Our maths skills came in handy, using a pair of compasses to draw circles and making sure our flag was symmetrical.

Mrs Bottamley set us a tricky challenge - build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows!

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