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Summer Term 2018

Cycling to Ealand for a picnic

Today, the Sea Cadets visited school and we spent an interesting morning learning about the dangers we face if we play in or near water such as the canal near school. We were shown how to help someone if they found themselves in difficulty, throwing ropes to rescue them. Also, we learnt how to make a rope cheese like they do in the Navy.
In addition to this, we took part in a rowing challenge. We were split into two teams and took it in turns to go on the rowing machine. However, at the same time we had to catch fish and avoid being eaten by a shark. This meant we had to speed up and slow down at the right time.

For homework, we needed to imagine we were archaeologists on a dig in Greece. We had to make an artefact, think about what it told us about life in Ancient Greece and present our findings to the class. Here is some of our wonderful work.

Ancient Greece Day

Today (Friday 25th May) we held an Ancient Greece Day to find out more about the life in the ancient world.
Sparta, one of the most prominent city-states, was focussed on warfare. From the age of 7, boys trained to fight. We made our own swords and shields. The Spartans used short swords and round shields: they often had images of the gorgon Medusa on them.

On the other hand, in Athens th focus was more on education. There were many skilled craftsment who made pottery and jewellery, which they traded with others. We designed our own Greek urns and made jewellery.
The Olympics originate in Greece so we had a go at throwing the discuss and javelin. Then, we learnt a traditional Greek dance.
After all that hard work, we enjoyed the feast that we had prepared throughout the day (we liked the pitta bread best).

Entry Point

Welcome back!
This is a busy term in Y6, as we are preparing for our SAT tests in May. 
In English we will be reading a range of myths and legends; revising the Y5 and Y6 spelling rules and writing non-chronological reports, newspaper reports, explanations and our own short stories. Our class book this term will be 'Who Let The Gods Out?' by Maz Evans.

In maths we will be revising: fractions, decimals and percentages; using standard methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide; properties of shape; converting units of measurement and problem solving.

Our Topic this term is The Brave, The Bold & The Great.

In history we will:

  • Be able to find out about aspects of the past from a range of sources
  • Be able to enquire into  historical issues and their effects on peoples' lives
  • Be able to place historical periods and events on a timeline
  • Know about the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of people in the past
  • Be able to describe and identify reasons for and results of historical events, situations and changes in the periods we have studied

In Geography we will:

  • Locate places on a map
  • Know about the geographical features of Greece and Rome 

In Art we will:

  • Know how artists, craftspeople and designers from a variety of traditions use materials, forms and techniques to express their emotions, observations and experiences
  • Be able to use a wide variety of materials, forms and techniques to express their emotions, observations and experiences
  • Be able to communicate through visual and tactile forms

Y6 Camp

London Trip 29th June

We had an amazing time in London. We stood outside Buckingham Palace and sang 'God Save the Queen', visited Horse Guards Parade where we saw the changing of the guard and admired some wonderful art work at the National Gallery. Then, we enjoyed watching the street artists perform at Convent Garden - Neo took part ina breath-taking acrobatic performance! Next, we went to see Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, before ending our tour alongside the river Thames.

Afterwards, we had a wonderful time at the Harry Potter studios.

Maths Trail in Bramblebank Wood

In art, we have been looking at the work of Vincent van Gogh. After discussing his short life, we decided to write his biography.

We received a letter from Lindsey Lodge Hospice inviting us to take part in their calendar competition, based on the theme of sunflowers.
After studying Van Gogh's Sunflowers and William Morris's printing designs, we decided to explore different printing techniques. We deisgned our own motif, mixed colours and printed our designs to make the petals. We then looked back at the work we had done on Roy Lichtenstein and decided to mimic his pintillism style for the seeds etc.

Cleethorpes Trip

As a reward for all of our hard work, the Friends of School organised a bus to take us to Cleethorpes after school on Wednesday. We had a wonderful time in the arcades, eating fish and chips and playing on the beach. The water was a bit chilly but that didn't stop some of us from having a paddle. 

Y6 enjoying their SATs breakfast

Working on some maths challenges

SPaG Hunt in Bramblebank Wood

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