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Autumn Term 2019


We welcome five reception into our class to enjoy learning with us, they are very welcome and have settled into our routines with ease.


A Visit from Roderick...

We had a visit from Roderick Bear who could remember some information about Keadby Bridge but had forgotten lots and wanted to be reminded.

We set to work finding out information about Keadby Bridge.

Did you know that it used to lift up?

Did you know that is was last lifted in 1957?

Did you know that it has lots of triangles made out of metal because triangles are the strongest shapes to use?

We do!



The Gunpowder Plot

We know lots of information about The Gunpowder Plot.

We know Guy Fawkes tried to blow up The Houses of Parliament because King James didn't agree with his Catholic views.

We know that he got caught with 36 barrels of gunpowder.

We know that Thomas Percy and Robert Catesby were Guy Fawkes friends.

We used our knowldege organisers to help us to remember.


Little Red Hen

We read the story of The Little Red Hen and decided to make our very own bread. We stretched and kneaded it to perfection and decided that it tasted delectable and flavoursome!

Hello and welcome to a brand new school year.

We have spent time welcoming our new friends from nursery into our class and we are loving being a mixed class.

We work hard to help each other and are spending time learning how to use the provision areas within the class.


We have been celebrating World Food Day and have been finding out facts about France.

"It is in Europe" Leo

"The capital city is Paris" Jack

"The Eiffel Tower is in Paris, it is made out of metal and iron and is triangles coz that is the strongest shape. That's like when we did Keadby Bridge, that's triangles too" Bella - Blue

"They eat snails and frogs legs!" Lotty

Maths Time

We have been using objects to make teen numbers.

Reception children have been printing using Numicon shapes and have been adding one more to their shapes.


We enjoyed investigating different types of fruits and vegetables, we had all sorts of different fruits and veg to look at...

Papaya, limes, sweet potatoes, sweetcorn, kiwi, parsnips, avacado and pineapples.

We investigated artwork produced by Acrimboldo and made our own face sculptures using the real fruits and vegetables. It was great fun!

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