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Autumn Term

It's Christmas!

We think that Christmas is the most magical time of the year and this year is no different!

We designed our Christmas cards and delivered them to the community, all with love in our hearts and a smile on our face. We made some people very happy.

Winter Wonderland

Our class Kindness Elf left us a very special ticket this morning. We had to swap the ticket for a gold coin and entry to a Winter Wonderland. We had the most amazing time. We saw Santa's Grotto, snow, had hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the camp fire. It was magical!

Anti Bullying Week

We kicked off Anti Bullying Week with odd socks, celebrating the fact that we are all the same but all different.

We made friendships recipes, friendship jigsaws, friendship posters and read lots of stories about kindess and friendship. We came to the conclusion that we are all good friends!

World Food Day

We enjoyed finding out information about China.

"It has 2 deserts" Ollie B

"It has the high mountain, they are snow capped" Daniel F

"Pandas live there, they are native!" Evie G

"The flag is red and has five stars on it" Jessica W

Busy Busy Busy...

We have been busy practising phonics and are getting rather expert at reading sentences and hunting for sounds in words.

During maths we have been practical and busy really consolidating numbers to twenty. We have painted, playdoughed, clapped, walked, jumped, sorted, ordered, the list is endless!


We have started to use Power Maths during our maths sessions - lots of vocabulary introduced. We have been busy using the words more, less, equal to , greater and less than.

power maths(2)

We love Science!

We have been sorting and classifying animals and made our very own zoo. We made and Amphibian House, Reptile House, Bird House and a Mammal House. Lots of interesting reasoning and discussions taking place.

"That's a mammal coz it's got hair and has babies, you know real babies!"

Ollie B

"It's scaly and so it must be a reptile"


We know where we live!

We received a postcard from Roderick Bear asking us to find out information about Keadby Bridge, we set off on a mission to find out about the bridge and Keadby.

We know that Keadby is a village, that Keadby Bridge is built over the River Trent and that Keadby is a village. We LOVED comparing Keadby to London and worked out that The Queen does not live in Keadby!


Quiet Critters!

The Quiet Critters made their first appearance this week and wel loved them! We are going to continue to work quietly to make sure that they come out to see us everyday!



We retold the story of The Gunpowder Plot and used objects to help us. We remembered lots of key facts about Guy Fawkes and the plot and enjoyed using Chatterpix to share our thoughts - we loved this! 

Chatterpix 1(38) Year 1.mhtml

We remembered all of the soldiers who faught in the wars and added the date of the First World War to our history timeline in class.



We went to get the rabbit carrier for Toffee and discovered it had been nibbled through!

We set to work using a new TASC wheel and designed a new carrier.

We decided it needed to be portable, waterproof, strong and stable, have a door and be nibbleproof!

Watch this space...

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