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Spring Term 2020


Reading Buddies

We received an email explaining that people had been given pets for Christmas and were now not looking after them. We set to work to persuade people to adopt them...

"I am multi coloured and glittery.

  I feel tired and miserble.

  I want cuddles and someone to read to me"

Unfortunately nobody said that they would look after them so what did we do...

We adopted them ourselves!

We all have a Reading Buddy that we take home every night and read a story to.

We compared feelings using apples and had a great discussion about kindness and how all of our hearts are the same and that we all have feelings.

"Even though one is bruised and one is not, its because sometimes people are unkind. Everybody is the same on the inside and we just have different beliefs" Leo


Where Oh Where is Winter Bear?

We read the story of Winter Bear and set to work finding him...

We found him dangling in a tree.

We set to work using the prefix un to describe Winter Bear.






We were determined to change him and made him beds, toys, clothes and books to make him feel wanted, loved, clean, well and healthy.

Chinese New Year

We used the atlas to find out information about China. We read the story Cleversticks and reflected back on what we were very good at doing and what we wanted to get better at.

"I'm really good at reading to my reading pet. I want to get quicker" Roscoe

"I'm talented at writing my numbers and doing my adding" Bella - Blue

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