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Summer Term

Letters from Stronsay

We came back to school to some very exciting post. Friends at a school in Stronsay had written year 1 letters and postcards telling us all about the place they live. Stronsay is an island in teh Orkneys off the coast of Scotland. It is a very different place to Keadby. There are only approximately 300 people on the whole island! We read the letters and looked at the differences between Stronsay and Keadby.  Now year 1 are planning their letters back to tell our friends all about our school and local area. 

Get ahead steps competition.

The whole school have been taking part in a cpmpetition to complete the most steps. Year one wore the fitbits for a day and tried to clock up as many steps as possible. We danced with Go Noodle, completed a steps work out, took our maths lesson outside to hop, skip and jump our counting and then finished with some sports day practice and running. Together we managed nearly 30,000 steps in total.  That is a lot of steps for little legs. 


Year one have started their plants topic by planting some seeds and going on a hunt for wildflowers.  We planted tomatoes and peas and talked about what we need to do to help them grow. 

Year 1 looked at some pictures of wild flowers that grow near us and then went for a hunt for some in the school grounds and  Bramblebank Woods. We used a key to identify what the plant was and then kept a tally of how many we saw. We made time for a bit of playtime in the woods too. 

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