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School Curriculum

At Althorpe and Keadby we have a clear intent for our Curriculum, this is to ensure that children are challenged, make progress and build upon their knowledge to further devleop skills using regular opportunities to revisit and extend previous learning. Our curriculum is written with the children at the centre of everything. We know where our chidren have gaps and limited experiences and our curriculum builds upon this in  a clear and concise manner offering a rich diet of opportunity, life skills and memories steeped in knowldge.  

Mornings are spent developing literacy and numeracy skills, with an emphasis on basic skills. During the afternoon pupils have the opportunity to apply their literacy, numeracy and scientific skills in other curriculum areas with a clear progression and opportunity to deepen knowledge and develop skills.  

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the support of the local community and truly believe in involving our community within our curriculum wherever possible. Children have completed local history projects centered around Keadby and the local area. We plan to develop local knowldge with a cycle of opportunties throughout the year. We plan to compare Keadby to a local town and a local city, thus ensuring children have a concrete understanding of the terminology in a meaningful context.  We later plan to exted this further by visiting the coast and the country; again, building upon prior experiences and giving our children first hand experiences.

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