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At Althorpe and Keadby we recognise the importance of artistic expression. Through special theme days, our use of the International Primary Curriculum and extra-curricular events, we provide pupils with a range of opportunities to express themselves through art, music, dance, speech and drama. 

Chinese New Year

Each KS2 class was invited to take part in a Chinese New Year celebration. We faced a tough challenge: to make a dragon, compose music and perform a dance routine. To begin with, we researched traditional dragon dances. Then, each class make a large dragon, individual dragon masks and puppets. Using the percussion instruments, groups of children composed a range of rhythms, recording their compositions using different symbols. After that, each class choreographed their own dragon dance. We enjoyed performing our dances infront of the other classes.


Keadby's Got Talent 2018

On Friday 6th July we held the final of Keadby's Got Talent. A total of 9 acts made it to the final, ranging from drumming, to dancing, to singing. 
Congratulations to Lexi, the 2018 overall winner.

On Thursday 29th March we held our annual Community Easter Cafe. The Infant and Junior Choral Speech and Drama children performed two poems, our KS2 dancers performed their Dance Showcase dance whilst the Y6 band played 2 pieces of music. In addition to this, we held an art exhibition, displaying the children's wonderful egg inspired art work (look in the art section to see a selection of our art work). A great time was had by all.

Keadby's Got Talent 2017

The grand final of this year's Keadby's Got Talent was held on Friday 24th March. The quality of the acts was outstanding, ranging from football skills to dancing to singing. Mrs Dunn, one of the judges, commented on how hard it was to choose a winner. The results are as follows:
1st - Nicole
2nd - Lexi, Emily & Olivia
3rd - Katie

     - Brogan & Kian


Diwali week- November 2016

On Thursday 12th November we held our annual 'Keadby's Got Talent' event. 12 acts had made it to the final: Millie singing and playing the piano; Ashlee singing; Bailey, Kodi & Leighton singing and dancing; Ethan street dancing; Aleina & Lorna singing; Nicole dancing; Emily dancing; Vinnie & Ronnie playing the keyboard and singing; Tilly singing; Ellis street dancing; Neo, Harvey & Emily dancing to a Michael Jackson medley and Keira playing the clarinet. The judges had a tricky decision to make, but the final result were:
3rd place - Neo, Harvey & Emily
2nd place - Nicole
1st place - Millie
Well done to everyone - it was wonderful watching all of our talented pupils perform on stage infront of a live audience.

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