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2019 Dot Day Artwork

On Friday 20th September, KS2 were inttrduced to the book 'The Dot' and mixed year groups to create a great variety of dot-inspired art work including printing, oil pastels, 3D geometric shapes and Mondrian focussed artwork. We can't wait to see the finished display.

Art club 2018/2019

Using lighting and ipads to photograph tinfoil people

Here, tinfoil was used to crete these human sort of shapes. The children used ipads and torches to pose and photograph the characters - trying to show different emotions.

Y6 Anglo-Saxon Art

After studying Anglo-Saxon brooches, we designed and made our own using a range of media. Then, we looked at examples of illuminated letters which were drawn by Anglo-Saxon monks. Using the initial letter from our name, we painted our own.

September: We have been looking At Patrick Mumba and studying his artwork 'Message from our ancestors'. The children created their own version.


Year 1 Mondrian inspired artwork March '18

Year 1 have looked at the work by Mondrian, along with Lego scuptor Nathan Sawaya.  They experimented with different media to produce varied stules of artwork including some Lego creations.

Nick Sharratt - Draw Along Feb '18

On Thursday 23rd February, Althorpe and Keadby Primary School were honoured to host a Draw-along with Nick Sharratt (author of children's books 'Shark in the park' etc, and illustrator to many Jacqueline Wilson books). The whole school participated and were thrilled to create their very own illustrations alongside Nick...what a fantastic opportunity which was enjoyed by all!

Year Six Spotlight on ... Van Gogh -

Y6 studied the work of van Gogh. His Sunflowers series inspired Y6 to create their own sunflower images, incorporating various printing techniques. In addition to this, Y6 wrote biographies about van Gogh.

2017 Art competition

During the Spring Term 2017 we have all been exploring different painting techniques and developing our colour mixing skills. At the end of term we held a whole school art competition. Everyone had to paint an image linked to the theme of New Life.

The winners are:

F1 - Tegan
F2 - Oscar

Y1 - Sam
Y2 - Ethan
Y3 - Rhys
Y4 - Kai
Y5 - Maisie
Y6 - Jordon
Class of 8 - Kian
Early Years - Lilly J
Key Stage 1 - Ruby M
Key Stage 2 - Neo

Below is some of our fabulous art work. 

Year 6 art work inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock

Year Six Mayan Masks, March 2019

Year 6 Needle Felting (Spring in Bramblebank Theme)

Y3/4 Creating canopic jars in mod roc and clay


Years 3 and 4 designed and created canpopic jars in mixed media through the use of mod roc and clay, then decorated them with heiroglyphics during their Ancient Egyptian topic Nov/Dec 2018.


March 2018 Art Exhibition

Experimenting with different media '18

Year 5 and 6 experimented with a great range of different media and mark making, followed by a science-based art project looking at Earth from space and using their earlier mark making skills to create realistic and inspiring pieces of art.

Year 5 Aboriginal art

Henri Rousseau Art Study in year 3, Nov '17

Year 3 have been studying the history and artwork of Henri Rousseau, finishing off by creating their own piece of Rousseau-inspired artwork which is closely linked to their topic work based on the jungle.

Art coding workshop at 20-21, Nov '17

In November, year 5 took part in an art, coding workshop where they learnt how to create interactive artwork on a large scale which was then exhibited at the gallery to the general public.

Diwali week- November 2016

Karen Raithby, local pottery artist, came in to school and worked alongside years 1 through to 6 who created clay pieces of art. Year 5 made Diwali lamp pinch pots using a variety of tools to create their unique patterns.

Papier Mache Poppies 2016

For 2016 Remembrance Day, we created papier mache poppies throughout KS2 to be displayed in the entrance of the school like the poppies at The Tower of London...Stunning!

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