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Design and Technology

Design and Technology provides children with opportunities to develop their designing, making and evaluating skills whilst creating a purposeful product. Children at Althorpe and Keadby Primary School learn valuable cutting, joining, sewing and cookery skills in their D&T sessions as well as opportunities to apply maths and science knowledge too.


Here are some Year 2 children learning some new skills


Practising woodwork skills to make prototypes for rabbit runs

In our Design and Technology we aim:

· To ensure that pupils always “make a product with a purpose

· To embed the six main principles of Design and Technology into the school curriculum;

User – pupils should consider who their products are for

Purpose – pupils should decide which tasks their products will perform

Functionality – pupils should think about how their products will work

Design Decisions – pupils should have opportunities to make informed choices

Innovation – pupils should have scope to be original with their thinking

Authenticity – pupils should design and make products that are real, believable and can be evaluated through use

· To ensure that the National Curriculum objectives are covered and links are made to other curriculum areas where possible.


Rubbing fat into flour and cutting and peeling using a 'D' peeler

Y6 Steady Hand Game

Year 5 Stockings

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