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Early Years Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage

At Althorpe and Keadby we passionately believe that a good foundation provides a secure starting point in life. We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our provisions have a welcoming, stimulating environment that provides challenging, safe opportunities that enable our children to reach their full potential.

"There is a calm, purposeful environment in the early years. Children develop good attitudes to learning. Adults know the children well and give them good care and attention"




Two Year Old Provision

We are very proud to offer quality provision for two year olds. This is a newly built room that offers morning or afternoon sessions for two year old children. The room and equipment has been specially designed, built and purchased by a very experienced team.

The team will work closely with parents and their children to ensure the very best care and education at these early stages of a child's life. Progress checks will be completed with the full support of Health Visitors to ensure a holistic, accurate assessment of every child.

"Children in the new provision for two year olds have settled well and are enjoying a range of activities. Their needs have been assessed well and they are making good progress"

OFSTED March 2016



Foundation Stage offers a "learn through play approach" and children will be encouraged to play games, activities and investigate through independent and adult directed opportunities.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum is divided into seven areas:-

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

Communication and Language

These three areas are known as PRIME areas and as such will be taught and offered more intensively in the Two Year Provision and Nursery Provision.



Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts and Design

The remaining four areas are known as the SPECIFIC areas and will be taught throughout the foundation stage.



Outdoor Provision

We are very proud of our fantastic outdoor provision that allows children ongoing access to equipment, willow arches, adventure play trail, woodland and an allotment. Children have continuous opportunites every day to use the provision and natural beauty to further develop key skills.

" Outdoor activities and using BrambleBank Woods provide stimulating opportunities for children to develop their curiosity and independence"


Forest School.

We are extremly fortunate to have a trained forest school teacher working within our school and as a result children work in our own private forest one day every week, the skills are then transferred and shared with other members of the foundation stage and are embedded as part of outdoor continuous provision.

Parents as Partners

We aim to work with parents as partners in providing quality childcare and education for every child. We understand that parents and carers need to build relationships with practitioners, working together to ensure a consistent two way flow of information



Children are continually observed and assessed throughout the whole of the foundation stage. Next steps for children are identified and offered and shared with parents on a regular basis.

Children are expected to reach the Early Learning Goals in all areas of the curriculum by the END OF THE FOUNDATION STAGE ( Reception class)


Online Assessments

We offer an online assessment tool that allows every parent or carer a unique password to allow them to access their child's profile from home. Parents also have the opportunity to share childrens interests and achievements from home, these are then celebrated in the setting.

We are currently embarking on a consultative planning approach using "Talking and Thinking Floorbooks" This approach allows children to lead their own learning and helps them to understand that their views are truly valued. Practice has shown that the Talking floorbooks encourage inqusitiveness and encourage reluctant writers to make marks, children enjoy being "a real author" and write for a true reason.

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