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Geography at Althorpe and Keadby

In our school, the teaching of Geography motivates children to find out about the world around them and enables them to recognise the importance of this in their own lives. Through their work in Geography, children learn about our local area and compare this with other regions of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

There is a focus on location and place knowledge as well as developing specific geographical skills such as using maps, atlases and globes. Through their growing knowledge and understanding of Human Geography, children gain an appreciation of life in other cultures. In addition, children will study a variety of physical features using subject specific vocabulary.

Children will collect and analyse data from a range of sources and communicate this in a variety of ways, including maps, numbers and writing. Where possible, the study of this subject is cross-curricular and children are provided with an understanding of what it means to be a member of this ever changing world. This will encourage a respect for other cultures and the environment.

What is Geography in school to our children?

“We learn about things that are important in the world”
“We learn about other countries and how they might be different or the same to us”
“We learn how to use maps and plan journeys”
“Geography teaches us how to find out about where we live”
“I like Geography because we know more about our home”
“The Geography assemblies are fun because we have learnt about continents and have challenged each other”
“We find out what is happening all around the world in our Geography assembly”

"Learning about Keadby helps me know more about our local area"
"Fieldwork is fun because I can use sketch maps to look at Keadby"

"I know how to use a compass rose which tells you what direction to travel in"

Local walk and sketching the Trent Bank, Keadby

Local Study

Local Study of Keadby - Fieldwork Project 2020

Year 1 and 2 - Where in the world is Keadby?

Year 3 and 4 - Map Makers

Year 5 - Keadby detectives

Year 6 - Down by the river

Pupil voice






Neither agree nor disagree


I know where I live





I know where our school is




I like learning about Keadby










Neither agree nor disagree


I can name and locate our local area







I enjoy learning about our local area







“I love learning about Keadby”

“I know more about our local area”

“I’ve used sketch maps to show where our school is”

“We have used a compass rose to help show directions”

“Human and physical features are both in Keadby like a human feature is the post office and a physical feature is the River Trent”

World Food Day 2020

Each class studied a different country, learning about where it is in the world, key features about it and developing their cultural awareness. We cooked a dish traditional to the country and got to taste it too! Each Year group had a focus artist linked to their country too.

Using a Compass Rose

Y6 World Food Day:USA

Y6 models to show how rivers are formed

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