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International Primary Curriculum

At Althorpe and Keadby we have adopted the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). It provides a stimulating, creative and global curriculum, which operates within the framework of the new National Curriculum 2014. The grids below show an overview of the IPC themes for the current and subsequent academic year - for more details see individual class pages. Each theme is based around a combination of knowledge and skills covering a variety of different subjects. Certain themes have a definite science focus, whilst others cover a wide array of subjects such as history and geography. 

Y5 & Y6 Ancient Greece Day

Y3 learning about the digestive system

STEM Day July 18

"I liked making an aeroplane. Mine flew ever so far because of its shape." Halle

"The dark chocolate has more cocoa powder in it than milkl chocolate, that is why it takes longer to melt." Harry

"I liked the marble activity. You had to see how far it went without using your hands. I blew into a straw. The wind power pushed it forwards." Ellie

"I used a sponge and an elastic band to move Supertato across the river but it didn't get all the way across. It needed something under the sponge because it absorbed water, causing it to sink." Maisie

"This task has shown me why it is important to wash my hands. It proves soap stops bacteria from spreading." Harvey

"I am making a really tall tower. Cylinders, cubes and cuboids are the best shapes to use because things balance on top. They are flat." Sam

"The objects have less mass in water because they float and the water resistance pushes it up whilst the gravity pushes it down. The two forces push against each other." Thomas and Billy-Rae

November 2018 Pupil Voice: "I enjoy learning about different places in the world."

Y1: 100%

Y2: 97%

Y3: 100%

Y4: 69%

Y5: 88%

Y6: 89%


Pupil voice: I enjoy science, January 2018

Y1 100% strongly agree
"I liked it when two colours changed green in the middle." Ella

Y2 96% strongly agree

Y3 67% strongly agree, 21% agree

Y4 62% strongly agree, 38% strongly agree

Y5 82% strongly agree, 9% agree,

Y6 64% strongly agree, 36% agree


June  Pupil Voice: "I enjoy IPC science."

Y1: 100%
Y2: 95%
Y3: 59%
M7: 100%
Y6: 86%

IPC Pupil Questionnaire

100% pupils said they enjoy learning through the IPC topics.

100% said they had learnt new knowledge and skills this term.

"My favourite IPC topic has got to be Brainwaves because it was fascinating learning about the brain." Ronnie

"I loved the chocolate topic in Y4 because we got to make and taste chocoloate!" Lorna

"IPC is great. It's interesting learning about new things. As we get older we can pass on this knowledge to others." Harry

"IPC is fun to learn." Georgia

"I think the human body was my favourite topic because the exit point trip was really interesting - we got to see and experience what was inside our body." Lacey

"My favourite part about IPC was exploring the Egyptians and their writing." Louie

"When we learnt about Egypt it was interesting. I learnt that they put their organs in a canopic jar after they died." Lexie

"I enjoy all the practical making activities." Daize

IPC KS2 Pupil Questionnaire

100% are enjoying their IPC topics.
100% have spoken to their parents about their work.
100% agree they have learnt new knowledge, skills and understanding.
100% agree the IPC makes learning fun.

"You get to work in different ways, sometimes on your own, sometimes in groups" - Chelsea-Alice Y6

"I've really enjoyed learning about different countries" - Bailey Y5

"As well as writing, you get to make things and try out different ideas" - Tilly Y4

"I've really enjoyed all the group work, especially the presentations we did. It meant we used each other's ideas, used our computer skills, people who like art could do the art work ... we all were able to contribute" - Declan Y6

"It was interesting to find out how different people learn. I hadn't thought about it before" - Mia Y3

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