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Reading at Althorpe and Keadby

Hidden Books

In September, Miss Tyson hid books around the village for children to find and read before re-hiding them. Have you found any yet?


Through a range of events throughout the year, families discover the works of different children's author in fun and exciting ways. 

Julia Donaldson Evening

David Walliams Evening

Nick Sharratt Draw-a-long

Harry Potter Evening

Pupil voice: Opinions about reading, July 2019

"I think reading is really good. I have a shelf full of N/F books. My best book is a space one." JC

"I like reading the Gruffalo. I made a Gruffalo puppet theatre at home." MC

"After Treasure Island week at school, I wanted to read lots more pirate books." RQ

"At Althorpe and Keadby we read anytime, anywhere. We read, read, read!" DQ

"You need to be able to read to get a good job." WL

Pupil Voice: "I enjoy reading" Sept 2018

Yr R: 90%
Y2: 86%
Y3: 77%
Y4: 100%
Y5: 81%
Y6: 94%
Overall: 86%

"When I go to football matches I always get a programme to read. I like to read a book at night before I go to sleep." MY

"I like reading about creatures. There might be things you don't know." RQ

"I like reading because I learn new words." EM

"Great event, the Walliams evening was brilliant. Loads of different activities, looking at all the different characters in David Walliams's books. To top it off, we could purchase a book from his collection - will really enjoy this with my daughter. Thank you."

"Fab evening. Lovely activities to suit all ages/preferences. Opportunnities to purchase books after interest has been sparked, was a great idea to encourage reading at home."

"Great evening had by all. Lovely activities, had fun with the children doing them. Bought some David Walliams books for the children to read. Great enthusuasm by all the staff encouraging the children to take part. Will definitely come again. Thank you."

"Fabulous evening, lots of activities for adults and children alike. Brilliant - will come again."

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