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Reading at Althorpe and Keadby

At Althorpe and Keadby Primary School, reading is an integral part of the school curriculum.

In the Foundation Stage children have access to a wide range of high quality, multi-sensory reading resources. Rhymes, stories and songs occur daily. We fully enbrace the Imagination Library books and hold monthly book sessions to celebrate the books that children have received. 

In Key Stage One reading is taught daily through shared, guided and individual activites. Once children have a secure knowledge of letter sounds and can use them to blend to read words, they are given a reading book to take home. Our reading scheme is made up of a range of publishers, including Oxford Reading Tree, Ginn, Usbourne and Collins Big Cat books. In addition to this, children take a library book home each week to read for pleasure. Each classroom is equipped with a cosy book corner, where children can read for pleasure.

In Key Stage Two, guided reading takes place regularly in class; this takes the form of 'Reading Clubs'. Children read high quality texts with the Class Teacher or Teaching Assistant; this allows children to become enaged in a text, which then in turn helps them to make good progress in both their reading and writing. 

To find out more about reading at Althorpe and Keadby, please click here.

"I used to not like reading. Sitting at home reading my reading book was like a punishment. Now, I look forward to reading club. Reading in a group we get to really focus on the words and what is happening. I want to read." Charlie

Hidden Books Spetmber 2019

In September, Miss Tyson hid books around the village for children to find and read before re-hiding them. Have you found any yet?


Harry Potter Night, 2021
Despite lockdown, we celebrated Harry Potter Night in true Keadby style with a trail of pictures hidden around Althorpe, Amcotts and Keadby. We created a large picture of Diagon Alley and made our own wands.

World Book Day 2020

This year our theme for the week was Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Each class completed a writing task: Years 1 and 2 wrote instructions about how to care for a rabbit, Years 3 and 4       and Years 5 and 6 wrote their own portal stories. 
The book inspired a range of art work including hat designs, optical illusions and observational drawings of cups and tea pots.
On Thursday we all came to school dressed as our favourite characters from the story and had our own 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party
' outdoors where we also shared some of our favourite books.

Pupil voice: Opinions about reading, July 2019

"I think reading is really good. I have a shelf full of N/F books. My best book is a space one." JC

"I like reading the Gruffalo. I made a Gruffalo puppet theatre at home." MC

"After Treasure Island week at school, I wanted to read lots more pirate books." RQ

"At Althorpe and Keadby we read anytime, anywhere. We read, read, read!" DQ

"You need to be able to read to get a good job." WL

Pupil Voice: "I enjoy reading" Sept 2018

Yr R: 90%
Y2: 86%
Y3: 77%
Y4: 100%
Y5: 81%
Y6: 94%
Overall: 86%

"When I go to football matches I always get a programme to read. I like to read a book at night before I go to sleep." MY

"I like reading about creatures. There might be things you don't know." RQ

"I like reading because I learn new words." EM

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