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Writing at Althorpe and Keadby


In the Foundation Stage children are encouraged to write through a range of activities including gross motor skills outdoors with ribbons, chalks and painting; fine motor skills indoors using small objects such as threading beads, puzzles and pencil control activities.  As children develop their pencil control, formal letter formation is introduced, leading into words and complete sentences. 

In our school writing is taught daily through English lessons.  Children are then given opportunities to apply these skills in other areas of the curriculum.  We follow the principles of 'Talk for Writing' where children are given the opportunity to verbalise their ideas before writing. 
'Children need to speak the text before they write it'.

Children write for a range of purposes, using a variety of genres, drafting, editing and re-drafting as they work. 
Alongside this children are taught age appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar rules daily, which they then apply in their writing.


We follow the Penpals Handwriting Scheme. Children are taught basic letter formation in the Foundation Stage. In Key Stage One children begin to develop a fluent cursive script.

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