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Music at Althorpe and Keadby Primary is taught by a music specialist across Key Stage One and Two. 

We have our own school choir who meet weekly to develop their passion, skill and technique in singing.

We strongly believe in the importance of sharing music within the local community. We have established links with a local hospice and care homes where our choir share their progress.


Music Curriculum Aims

  • To develop the "whole child" including their literacy, numeracy, confidence, self-esteem, self awareness, cultural knowledge, socialisation and sense of personal expression through music.
  • To understand themselves and their music as individuals and as part of wider groups and societies.
  • To instil a powerful enjoyment of music making which will motivate children to work on their own music independently.
  • Learn about and discover their own musical culture and heritage,  British/American musical culture and music from a wide range of genres (including children's song, folk, classical, pop and a wide range of materials from other cultures  and countries), in active, creative and critically engaged ways.

To lay a strong foundation of well-rounded musical literacy including:

  • The ability to read musical notations including treble clef Western Classical notation
  • The ability to work out melodies by ear
  • The ability to compose using a range of techniques and styles.
  • Development of inner hearing
  • Development of musical memory
  • Healthy vocal technique including warming up the voice, breathing, posture, support and articulation
  • Fluent sol-fa and hand-signing in major and minor keys
  • Develop the skill of focused, attentive listening in musical and other contexts, and how to respect and respond to performances.

Year 4 - Music

Year 4 have been learning about rhythm, beats and how to draw notations - having a thoroughly great time!

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