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attendance matters

Be through the gate by half past eight!

Punctuality matters - The register closes at half past eight daily, any child that arrives at school past this time is recorded as late.

If your child is 20 minutes late daily that means that they will miss 100 minutes of English lesson per week - multiply this by the 39 weeks that children are in school - this would be 3900 minutes missed - that's 65 hours of English time per year missed!

Mrs Lovatt and Mrs Mason are our Attendance Leads and will be monitoring attendance and lates very closely. If you are "flagged" within our system then we will start an initial conversation with a phonecall.

We want to support you and may help to put morning routines into place within the home or invite you to join our daily walking bus.


We introduced our new reward game system for positive attendance. All classes with a weekly attendance of 96% or above will get to roll the dice and move along our board - wonderful prizes are up for grabs; popcorn pals, sweets in class, scooters and go karts - the list is endless!


Don't miss the best days of your life!

Attendance really does matter! The national data for children attending school is currently 96%. This means that children need to be attending school for at least 177 days out of 190 days per academic year to be in line with national expectations.

Of course we understand that children do become ill and these situations cannot be avoided. If this is the case please contact the school at the first possible opportunity.

We monitor attendance closely and unexplained absences or repeated or prolonged absences will be investigated - This is not because we are nosey - it is the law! Every half day of absence must be recorded as either authorised or unauthorised absence - repeated unauthorised absence will result with the parents of the child receiving a fine or possible court proceedings should the absences continue.

Our internal data analysis shows that where children have repeated time off school or lower attendance figures overall they have significant gaps in their learning.

The picture below is a guide, if you are unsure please contact the school where staff will be able to advise best next steps for your child.

when to stay off school
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