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Pupil Power

School Council 2018

Our school Council is made up of a boy and a girl from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. They are chosen each year, by the the teaching staff, for their outstanding work ethic, confidence to put forward their own and others views as well as their team spirit and kindness.
The School Council meets with Mrs Tate fortnightly, Fridays at 1.00pm

The School Councillors this year are:
Y1 - Megan and Lucas
Y2 - Karol and Poppy-Jade
Y3 - Lilly W and Charlie
Y4 - Ruby and Seb
Y5 - Keane and Olivia B
Y6 - Riley and Isobel
M7 - Ellis

Role of the School Council

  • Be the pupil voice of the school
  • Be anti bullying leads
  • Lead on environmental issues
  • Support the school on keeping safe

School Councillors working with Russell Cave

School Councillors at the Rotary Craft Fair, November 2016

School council fund raising for Children in Need

House Captains

At the start at each academic year Year 6 pupils are encouraged to give a speech to their house teams outlining why they should be chosen as House Captains.  After hearing the speeches the children vote for a girl and a boy house captain.  The speeches this year were of an exceptionally high quality, extremely inspiring and passionate.

Congratulations to:

Red House - Warren and Lacey
Blue House - Mason and Emily 

Purple House - Markus and Lucy
Green House - Ethan and Maddison

Peer Specialists 2018



Emily T


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