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Design Technology


I wonder who can make the strongest structure using paper...

We continued thinking about structures.

I wonder who can make the strongest structure...

We used cups and trays and tested the strength of them using...people!

Key stage one children enjoy their DT club on a Thursday evening. We have been busy designing, exploring and making..

We discussed healthy eating and designed our own fruit and vegetable face, made it and then enjoyed eating it!

We worked together to make our own circuit, we had to include a bulb,  switch or a buzzer. The buzzer was definitely the most popular!

During Christmas week we designed a parcel. The parcel was delicate and would break during Santa's flight so we had to design a package to protect it.

We tested the packaging and dropped the parcel from a height, this was a success and only one of the packages broke and we had scrambled egg all over the floor!


I wonder how we can cross the bridge...

We had to get over the water using the bricks. It was a great collaborative activity.

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