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Greenpower Car Club


With thanks to SSE and the Friends of Althorpe and Keadby School we have secured funding to purchase a Greenpower car kit.  This will allow us to build an electric powered car, with help from SSE engineers, that we can then enter into local race competitions.  Hopefully, this project will also inspire the next generation of engineers. 


Assembling the Chassis

As we began to assemble the chassis we had to follow the manual to fix the parts into the correct place.  We read the technical drawings to understand where each bolt needed to go and quickly developed our skills when using spanners to fasten them in place, thanks to the expert advice from our SSE engineers that are helping us with this project.        

Wheel and Steering Alignment

Once the wheels were on their axles and had been fitted to the chassis we could then continue to build up our steering assesmbly.  To ensure our wheels and steering were correctly aligned we had to measure carefully and make the necessary adjustments to the steering arms and rod ends.   

Wiring the Electrics

electrical drawing

As the main structure of our car is now complete it was time to tackle the huge job of sorting out the wiring.  We followed the electrical drawing to find out where each component needed to go and how they all linked together.  This part of the build took some time but was a great achievement and thankfully, I think we definately have some future electricians on our team! 


The build begins....


Our Goblin kit car arrived in several boxes.  The first challenge was to check everything was there and work out which bit was which! 

Constructing the Steering Column

When we first started to construct the steering column we had to make sure we left it loose, allowing us to make the necessary adjustments later when we align the wheels.  

Front and Rear Axle Assembly

We had to make sure the bearings were greased up before placing them in the wheels and then attaching each wheel onto the axles.  The rear left wheel of our Goblin car is the drive wheel and proved to be a little tricky to put in place.  Luckily we had help to navigate this part of the build!  

Brake and Throttle Assembly

We had already fitted our brake disc to the rear axle so our next job was to fix the brake caliper over the disc.  Once the caliper was straddled over the disc we needed to once again make the necessary adjustments to ensure it wasn't rubbing as this will inevitably slow us down when racing!  The brake cable then needed threading through the chassis up to the steering column where we fastened the brake lever.   

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