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Music Club

Tuesday 3- 4pm - Key Stage 1 Music Club

Thursday 3- 4pm - Key Stage 2 Music Club

At Music Club with Mr Whitehouse the sessions are jam packed with singing, games, learning how to handle the instruments and having fun with music. 


We have made our own musical instruments, created notes in different forms and created sounds in our environment. 


KS2 Big Sing Music

Aladdin - Friend Like Me.mp3Ben - 19012020, 16.22.mp3Hala lala - 19012020, 17.03.mp3I'll Be There For You Friends - 19012020, 15.50.mp3I'll Be There J5 - 19012020, 21.35.mp3Jambo Rafiki - 19012020, 16.50.mp3You've Got a Friend (CK) - 19012020, 16.09.mp3You've Got a Friend in Me - 19012020, 21.32.mp3
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