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Year Five & Six

Year 5

5th April 2017

Year 5 had a good idea of plants that they wanted to grow and of the design they wanted to produce, so today, they made their way to the allotment to weed the patch and to sow the seeds. This year they are growing - gourds, pumpkins, courgettes, aubergines, peas, summer flowers, lettuce and a variety of herbs. We can't wait for them all to grow and to create a feast with all of our wonderful produce!

15th September 2017

Today we tidied up our allotment bed and planted some strawberry plants.

We also planted lots of bulbs in the polytunnel which will be ready and on sale in the Spring.

Year 6

9th December
Good news - our broad beans are doing well. Each plant has several leaves now. Also, the Christmas trees are doing well, despite the weather.

Bad news - something has nibbled at our spinach and broccoli. Only their stems remain.

11th March

Today we decided to plant some new seeds as our last crop was unsuccessful. We have planted cauliflower, peas and some wild flowers for colour.

April 2016

Good news - we went into the allotment after the Easter break and discovered a bumper crop of broad beans. Mrs Bottamley and Mrs Lund helped us cook them - they tasted delicious.

June 2016

More good news - we have a bumper crop of salad leaves, radishes and carrots. We have decided to harvest them and prepare a delicious salad.

March 2017

We have been busy preparing the allotment ready to sow round lettuce, chard, rocket, cucumber, radish, carrot, leek, pea, marigold, thyme, parsley and basil seeds. 

July 2017

We have been busy harvesting the produce from our allotment. We used the round lettuce, chard, rocket, cucumber and carrots to make a delicious salad.

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